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Phoenix Contact is a leader in industrial connectivity solutions, featuring innovative products like Ethernet switches, panel feed-through terminal blocks, and double-channel slim relays. Their products boast exceptional reliability and performance, with robust designs tailored for industrial environments. Utilized across various applications, from automation to energy management, they ensure seamless communication and control. With attributes like compact size and high durability, they excel in demanding conditions. Phoenix Contact's offerings streamline installation and maintenance processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime. As pioneers in industrial connectivity, they empower businesses with reliable solutions, driving productivity and success across diverse industries.


Ethernet switch, 5 TP RJ45 ports, automatic detection of data transmission speed of 10 or 100 Mbps (RJ45), autocrossing functio
Price: 4000 INR/Number

FL SWITCH 1005N - Industrial Ethernet Switch

Number of interfaces 5 Connection method RJ45 Note on the connection method Auto negotiation and autocrossing Transmission speed 10/100 Mbps Transmission physics Ethernet in RJ45 twisted pair Transmission length 100 m (per segment) Signal LEDs Data receive, link status No. of channels 5 (RJ45 ports)
Price: 3500 INR/Number

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